308 / 7.62x51 12 inch free float key mod hand guard with 2x key mod

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Part Number:Rail-12Keymodwaterdrop-AR10-2
DPMS compatible 12 inch key mod free float hand guard- this is for the AR10 platform THIS FITS THE AR10 PLATFORM ONLY 308 AND 7.62X51 CALIBER made from 6061 aircraft aluminum class 3 anodized weights 12.9 oz length is 12.1 comes with 2x additional key mod rail attachments Upper rail is extended over the barrel nut so it has a monolithic look with no extended gaps Easy and quick installation Made in the USA comes with : 15 inch key mod rail 2x 5 inch key mod rail extensions barrel nut anti rotational hex screw ( only needs to be hand tight and then 1/4 turn at the bottom) jam ring

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