18 inch stainless steel straight fluted 416R 5.56/.223 wylde

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Part Number:BA-18SS-st-5.56/.223W
18 inch stainless steel 416R  5.56/.223 wylde straight fluted mid length gas set up .750 gas shoulder 1/2x28 threaded M4 feed ramps will only ship within the USA Q: Can you shoot 5.56 out of .223 Wylde? A: Either .223 or 5.56mm ammo can be used in a .223 Wylde. The .223 Wylde retains increased accuracy of a tightly chambered .223 weapon and actually gains accuracy over loosely chambered 5.56 weapons. YES, you can shoot 5.56 out of a .223 Wylde. Q: What is a .223 Wylde? A: The .223 Wylde is a hybrid of the .223 and 5.56 chamber. It has a larger chamber and throat than .223 but not quite as large as a 5.56.

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